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Frequently Asked Questions (SRP Online)


Q: I registered my application for the program. What's next? 

A: The number of participants for this program is limited to 250 students. Those who are eligible will receive an instruction on how to log-in to the program. Our committee will make decisions on applicants on a rolling basis. We expect to have all the applicants notified by July 5, 2024. Please check your junkmail folder if you have not received a mail from us by July 5.


Do not attempt to sign-in as a member for this site. If you are approved to participate, we will provide you an instruction how to "log-in" instead of "sign-in". Only approved participants will be able to log-in to the Summer Research Program. If you attempt to sign-in, you may not be able to participate in the program. This is because we cannot override your email address in the system if you were approved to participate at later date.

Please note that this is an educational program designed for students who are enrolled in College/University with our partner universities overseas. Since we do not have technical capability to deliver the program with more than 250 participants, limited space are be available for participants from non-partner universities. 


Q: Are all the talks "live" online sessions? 

A: No, the Research topics are on-demand videos and leaning materials available for you to watch as many as you like at your own pace during the program period. Therefore, time difference should not be a major problem.


Each lab will host a special live session between (dates TBA), which are scheduled on specific time. Each session is about 1 - 1.5 hrs. Student Social/Culture hour events will also be live sessions.


The schedule of live discussion will be posted on or after July 5, 2024. 


Q: I missed some live sessions. Will it be a recorded session be available at a later date? 

A: We will make every effort to record the sessions for you to view during the program duration. However, videos may not be available due to technical difficulties. 


Q: How much does it cost to attend the program? If I participate in SRP Online, will I receive a certificate?

A: The SRP online program is free of charge. We will issue you the certificate for SRP Online. The requirements for the certificate will be posted at later date. 


For the SRP Plus, only limited number of participants will be selected AFTER the SRP Online. We expect to have some travel scholarship to cover part of your travel expense.


Q: Can I participate in the program if I am not enrolled in the University right now?

A: If you already obtained an undergraduate degree (4 year College) and plan to enroll in graduate school, you may apply to the program. However, you do not qualify if you were undergraduate student but you are currently taking a leave of absence, and have not obtain an undergraduate degree.


Q: I am native speaker of English. Do I need submit the test score? 

A: If your undergraduate studies were conducted in English or you are native English speaker, upload a webpage image or a screen shot of your College/School instead of test score.


Q: I do not have English score with me. Can I upload at later date?

A: Yes, you may upload to the same application page at later date using the same email address you submitted the form. However, you will need to have it upload by July 15, 2024 to be considered for SRP Plus.


Q: Log-In problem

A:Log-in problems are typically caused by (1) Android device. If you attempt to log-in using the smartphone operated by Google, and having a problem, we suggest you to log-in using Chrome browser on the computer. (2) You typed your password using non-English character. Ask the Admin to reset the password.

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