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KIBI × Tsukuba
Research Training Program 2023 



KIBI and the University of Tsukuba are offering you a unique chance to carry out research in Japan for up to 6 months. The University of Tsukuba has cutting-edge research laboratories and world-leading researchers who can help you take your research to the next level. This opportunity, sponsored by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), is open to Master's students who are studying at one of the KIBI affiliated institutes. Enjoy the beauty of Japan, make new friends, and imagine your future as a researcher at the University of Tsukuba.  


We have two JASSO scholarship is offered to the University of Tsukuba with the following requirements and criteria set by our faculty:


  1. Must be enrolled in the Master’s program. Also open to medical students who belong to joint degree program with the Biomedical Master’s program. 

  2. Those who graduated or graduated before September, 2023 cannot not apply, including employee of the University.

  3. GPA of 3.2 or above (on 4.0 scale).

  4. Academic transcripts. First-year Master’s students need to provide a list of courses registered to take, plus an Undergraduate transcript (copy acceptable). Second-year students should submit both graduate and undergraduate transcripts.

  5. English Test Scores (TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS).

  6. Research Plan (on provided form available to download below).

  7. Copy of passport.



  1. Stipend for 80,000 JPY per month (up to 6 months). 

  2. Applicants are responsible for obtaining airfare (round trip).

  3. Time frame: Beginning December 2023. The student may elect to stay less than six-months. The exact start and end dates for each selected student will be decided in consultation with the respective laboratory PI.

  4. Students do not need to obtain financial documents for entry visa to Japan (such as bank statement) since the scholarship will cover the living expense during training period.

  1. Each KIBI institute may nominate one student. Students should select at least 2 laboratories from the provided faculty list.

  2. The deadline for nomination is on June 10, 2023. Interviews will be held in early July, 2023 and selection will be made by the end of July, 2023.

  3. If there are more than three students, the selection would be based on the interview by the University of Tsukuba via Zoom conference.

  4. The qualified candidate should be in good academic standing. Preference will be given to students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree program in Medical Sciences, Human Biology, or Humanics at the University of Tsukuba. 

  5. The top three students will receive JASSO scholarship. Qualified students may also apply and participate in the program with personal fund or from other sources.

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Laboratory List - KIBI

Signing Contract

Research Plan - KIBI 

Taking Notes

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