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Graduate Programs

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba, offers some of the most innovative graduate programs in the world. With a vast range of research subjects on offer, cutting-edge laboratories at your fingertips, and world-renowned experts to guide you in your research, the University of Tsukuba is the perfect place to take your career in the medical sciences to the next level. Here are some of the programs on offer.

Our Master’s degree program in medical sciences was established to train professionals who can serve as experts in various medicine-related fields, such as preventive medicine, occupational medicine, nursing, medical welfare, medical engineering and medical administration. Graduates of this program are expected to contribute to the progress of research in the fields of basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, community medicine and nursing science. Many of the students currently enrolled in our program have obtained their undergraduate degree in an areas outside medicine, including pharmacy, biology, and chemistry and many of the students come from overseas. Such diversity has helped to create a unique academic environment in which students to can conduct frontline research through discussion and cooperation amongst their peers. 


The Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences trains experts who can plan leading-edge research tasks in medical science and carry out such research plans independently on the basis of a wide-ranging interest and view in this field and high levels of communicative ability, international character, and ethical knowledge. The research themes in the program include basic life science to discover novel life phenomena and study their mechanisms, and research into the pathogenesis of intractable diseases, including cancer, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, neuropsychiatric diseases, sleep disorders, allergy, and autoimmune diseases. The aim of this program is to find better ways of preventing, diagnosing, and curing such diseases.


Due to the profound impact of technology on the medical field, modern treatment does not exist without technology. They are becoming one in the same, creating a demand for specialists who can seamlessly navigate between the fields of medicine and technology. The Ph.D. Program in Humanics at University of Tsukuba is an innovative interdisciplinary program aiming to educate the leaders of this new era. Its unique doctoral-level curriculum is designed to help students learn the necessary skills, develop a multi-disciplinary thought process, and fluently communicate across the fields of biomedical sciences and physical sciences, engineering, and informatics. With its Double Mentor System, students will be guided by two world-leading experts in their respective fields, eventually serving as a bridge between these disciplines. Join the program and start your journey to become an individual that helps shape an unimagined and limitless future.

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In the 21st Century, humanity faces numerous global crises: environmental problems, dwindling natural resources, disasters, disease, and poverty. To solve these problems we have to transcend disciplinary and national borders, and work together towards a brighter future. To this end, we have brought together world-class academics from many research areas, not only biology, but also medicine, computational sciences, and materials sciences, to be faculty members of the Ph.D. Program in Human Biology.  In the program, we aim to nurture leaders of the future, who will bring together expertise in various fields relating to human biology, to identify and work towards overcoming global issues.

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