Summer Research Program
Live Event Recordings

On this page we will upload the recordings from each of our live events of the 11th Summer Research Program, 2021, for you to enjoy. 

​21 September 2021

Opening Remarks

This is the video of the Opening Remarks from the 11th Summer Research Program. Speakers: Kiong Ho and Thomas Mayers

24 September 2021

Social & Cultural Events 

These are the videos prepared by University of Tsukuba students to introduce life in Tsukuba and the culture of Japan. Please note that the live interactions were not recorded and are not included here.

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 20.51.40.png
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Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 21.01.29.png

24 September 2021

Special Seminar 1

Mizuno Seiya

Genome Editing and CRISPR and Cas Technology


Genome editing is a revolutionary technology that makes it possible to modify endogenous genes as intended. In this webinar, Dr. Mizuno will introduce the basic knowledge of CRISPR-Cas, the most commonly used genome editing tool, and the method to produce genetically modified mice.

24 September 2021

Special Seminar 2

Thomas Mayers

How to Write a Research Proposal in English


In this talk, Thomas Mayers, of the University of Tsukuba’s Medical English Communications Center, will share his expertise in scientific English writing to give you some tips and advice towards writing better research proposals.

24 September 2021

Special Seminar 3

Kiong Ho

mRNA: Novel Vaccine and Beyond


Decades of RNA research had “paid out” to develop mRNA vaccines to combat infectious diseases. In this workshop, Dr. Ho will introduce the history and evolution of RNA research and discuss how modified mRNA can be helpful for your research in the future.


Recordings for the Research Discussion Workshop (Sept 27 and Sept 28) will be uploaded to the Online Program Page of the respective faculty member’s pages. We expect to have them ready by Wednesday, Sept 29.