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My field of interest is ‘in vitro fertilization’ (IVF), helping couples who are infertile. According to a survey of Central Obstetrics Hospital and Hanoi Medical University, the infertility rate in young Vietnamese people was about 7.7% (approximately 700,000 per one million couples are infertility) and this rate will increase steadily in the future due to a couple of reason. Firstly, Vietnamese women today tend to get married late which affects their reproductive health. Secondly, contaminated food, smoking and alcohol abuse in man can reduce the quality of their sperm leading to infertility. In addition, the ratio of physicians per 1,000 people in Vietnam is still low (0.8, WHO 2016) especially the number of doctor working in my interested field. Hence, in my opinion, being a doctor working in this field is the way to improve the health care system in Vietnam.
Hope to broaden my network with overseas friends.
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Nguyen Dinh Thuong
School of Medicine - Vietnam National University at Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM)
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Nguyen Dinh
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Undergraduate 6th Year
General Practitioner
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Nguyen Dinh Thuong
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Nguyen Dinh Thuong
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