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Parasitic protozoa are causative agents of widespread human diseases, including malaria (caused by Plasmodium falciparum), African sleeping sickness (Trypanosome brucei), and Chagas' disease (Trypanosome cruzi). Because these parasites diverged early from the main branch of the eukaryotic lineage, their unusual mechanisms of gene expression reflect ancient eukaryotic functions that have been preserved to present. By studying the process of gene expression, not only may we learn about the evolution of higher eukaryotes, but we can also identify parasite specific processes that can be exploited as targets for novel therapeutic intervention. 


本研究室では、マラリア、アフリア睡眠病などを引き起こす寄生虫の遺伝子発現メカニズムを研究してます。特に転写中に起きるmRNAキャッピングは寄生虫とヒトとでは異なってるため、これを標的とした新薬の開発を目指しています。 キャッピングの活性を生化学的に解析し、RNAi法によりそれぞれのキャップ酵素の役割を解析しています。

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